Our Affiliate Program in 2016 - Founded on Product Quality and Trust

2016 was the most successful in the history of SiteGround. We kept growing in terms of clients and employees and we worked on many new projects that improved further the quality of our service. One of the key factors for our success is the relationship with our affiliate partners. During the past year, we welcomed 63% more affiliates and witnessed a 60% increase in the number of affiliate sales. We have distributed nearly $6 million in commissions.

Given how much we value the contribution of our affiliates to our business, we wanted to know what they think about our product, our affiliate program and working with us in general. We have gathered their opinion through our annual affiliate survey. Here we will share the results and findings from it.

The quality of our hosting is the top reason to join our affiliate program (again!)

The top reason to join our affiliate program remains the quality of our hosting service. 97.5% of our affiliates consider it important. We are delighted that this has been the case ever since we started the survey three years ago. Given that 60% of our affiliates are also users of our hosting, we know that they do speak from experience.

People are recommending our affiliate program

We have 82.4% of our affiliates joining us after a recommendation by a person they trust. This is the second most important reason to become a SiteGround affiliate. It’s a pleasure to know that our affiliate partners are spreading а positive vibe about the program, based on their experience. You bring the reputation of the affiliate program to new heights today and we’re really thrilled that our affiliate program has a strong brand recognition already!

Here you can see all the main reasons for joining and what percentage of our affiliates find them important:

Affiliate Program 2016 Reasons to Join

Our affiliate program brings more sales than others

We asked our affiliates who participate in affiliate programs of other hosting providers whether they generate more or fewer sales there. The majority of our affiliates state that the SiteGround affiliate program brings them more sales. Their share has even risen by 17% since last year!

More bloggers and content marketers join the program

Our biggest group of affiliates for the third year in a row consists of web developers or designers. A new prominent trend, however, is the rising number of bloggers and content marketers – a 15% increase since 2015! We are happy that more and more content publishers recognize the value of becoming SiteGround affiliates.

Satisfaction with the affiliate program features is over 96%

Our affiliates’ satisfaction with the key affiliate program features is over 96%. The affiliate support and commission rates are the top ranking ones with 98.2% and 97.7%. Here you can see all the key features and satisfaction rates:

Affiliate Program 2016 Satisfaction Levels

We have also marked an area for improvement. In 2017 we will focus on making more promotional materials to help our affiliates sell even more.

We would like to thank all our affiliate partners for taking the time to fill it in. We got the incredible 76% increase in the survey response rate. Your involvement and feedback help us improve the affiliate program year after year!

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VP of Strategic Partnerships until 2017/05

After 10+ years at SiteGround, probably the only thing I haven’t done (yet) here is writing code. Today I help SiteGround grow our client base through events and partnerships. I have the immense pleasure to do it with the help of the best team members which I am also privileged to call friends.

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Klaus-Dieter Neumann

Feb 05, 2017

Hello, reading the text about Your affiliate programm I have a question. What's to do for being a partner for affiliate?

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Feb 07, 2017

Hey Klaus-Dieter, not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if it is how you can become a SiteGround affiliate, all you need to do is to join the program here.

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Tom Dupuis

Feb 22, 2017

This is awesome! I've been having success with your affiliate program and yes it is so easy to tell especially with all the positive comments on social media. Keep it up!


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