DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

SiteGround DrupalCon Booth

And yet another DrupalCon went by. SiteGround team attended one of the biggest Drupal events for the year to meet some of the smartest people in the community in Barcelona this week.

The Buzzword Drupal 8

This DrupalCon was supposed to be a landmark when the new Drupal 8 version was going to be released. But it wasn’t. The first release candidate was announced for October 7 instead. That is why the Project Founder Dries Buytaert had to address some very difficult questions in his keynote session. There is a downward trend in adopting the current Drupal 7 version and there is responsibility to take for the delay of the Drupal 8 and it release 5 years after it was conceived.

Dries had managed to assure the community that the downward adoption of the current version is normal once the news of a new one goes out, the so-called Osborne Effect. On the other hand, he took personal responsibility for the delay of the Drupal 8 release, based on the way the development cycle is structured and how it locks new feature addition when they start working on a new version. The good news is he has a strategy for changing that in the future and working new features in new branches, which will allow shortening the release cycle.

SiteGround sponsored, exhibited and gave a talk

We have become a sponsor of the event and traditionally had a booth to feature our cloud and shared hosting solutions. We also had our expert Daniel Kanchev gave a lightening talk about Drupal caching – why it’s good to have a full page caching, what it means and how to implement it. If you want to see what he spoke about and get some code snippets for ideas how to implement your own Drupal caching solution, you may check his slides here.

Always a great experience

As always, being at a DrupalCon is both useful as we meet a lot of existing and new clients and partners, and quite fun as there are plenty of parties to go to every evening. The fact that this DrupalCon took place in Barcelona added a lot of excitement thanks to the lovely atmosphere of the city. And when you have a solid organization to ensure a smooth experience for the attendees, you have a recipe for the perfect conference.

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