Service in German Now Available at SiteGround

In this highly globalized economy, we believe that offering services customized for the local markets is the best way to deliver better quality and more convenience for our users. That is why we are proud to announce that besides English, Italian, and Spanish, we now start to offer our hosting services in German as well.

In the past few years, we have seen a growing number of customers from Germany, which has led to our decision to provide a data center location in Frankfurt. Now we are happy to attend to another need of the people from this region and we are adding the German language as an option for our site, all knowledge base articles, client interfaces and, most importantly, as a language on which our clients can communicate with our support via chat and ticket. 

Our new German Website:

To visit our new German website you may go directly to, or you may choose region Germany in the footer. People visiting from German or Austrian IPs will be automatically redirected to By ordering a hosting service from this website, you will have your account created by default in our Frankfurt data center and all your client interfaces, including the helpdesk will come pre-loaded in German.

How to switch an existing service to German?

If you are an existing client, you may easily switch your service language to German from the Profile page in your Client area. Thus your Client Area and Site Tools interfaces will be turned to German, you will be able to read all our tutorials and knowledge base articles in our Help Center in German and you will also be able to post your support inquiries and receive the responses from our representative in your preferred language. Please note that for all service languages except English, support communication may be aided by Google Translate.

We also would like to remind you that if your account is not hosted in our German data center, but you wish to host in it, you may have your account transferred to it through our relocation service.

We are happy that our service is now more accessible to all German-speaking customers and we hope that our decision to support their native language will make their hosting experience better than ever.

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Reneta Tsankova

SiteGround COO

If something's cooking in any of the following areas at SiteGround: website user experience, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, accounting or billing, the chances are that I have been involved. Being the most advanced non-technical person in a highly geeky company is definitely quite an interesting challenge.

Comments ( 6 )

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Nov 01, 2021

So will you hosting .DE domainnames as well?? I have a .DE with you but cannot host my dommainname with siteground only the website?

author avatar

Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Nov 03, 2021

We can register new .DE domains - if that's the case, please contact our support team. Unfortunatelly, we can't transfer existing domains at this time.

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Nov 08, 2022

Hi Hristo, Are there any plans to offer this service? Kind regards :-)

author avatar

Mila Kanazirska Siteground Team

Nov 12, 2022

We definitely consider it, although the process of transferring such domain extension has a lot of requirements we need to comply with.

author avatar

Nicole from Website Tiger

Feb 27, 2024

Please consider it further :D This is really a pain to have some client domains elsewhere if they already had domain names... Thanks. Impatiently waiting for this :D

author avatar

Lina Asenova Siteground Team

Feb 28, 2024

Hey there, we can absolutely see how having everything in one place would make things easier. As previously noted, the process of transferring domain names with a .de extension has many requirements, and unfortunately, we can't guarantee an ETA at the moment. Domain name extensions are added based partially on the volume of requests we receive for them, so your feedback is highly appreciated. Rest assured, we will keep you posted if there are any updates.


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