SiteGround Launches a New Brand Identity and a New Website

SiteGround web hosting company has reinvented its brand identity and launched a complete redesign of its website, company logo, and hosting plans structure in line with the new brand concept.  The brand message communicates now more clearly that SiteGround delivers a high-quality, superior service thanks to its “handcraft” approach to hosting as opposed to the “mass-production” one chosen by the majority of web hosts.

Lilyana Yakimova, the Marketing Manager of SiteGround explains why the rebranding was needed: “SiteGround has a unique approach to web hosting. In an industry where most providers use standard, ready-made solutions, we create our own systems to make customers’ websites faster and safer. To give you just a few examples: we were the first to implement the chroot account isolation, multiple PHP versions, and mem_cached on shared servers! Additionally, our support is famous both for its speed and expertise to solve issues that most other providers would never attend to. However, we were failing to communicate all that through our website. So the aim of the new brand identity is to explain our unique handcraft approach and how it delivers a superior customer experience.”

In line with the “handcraft” concept chosen to represent what the brand stands for, SiteGround has replaced its old logo with a handwritten one and uses the origami in their website design as a symbol of superior craftsmanship. Three short videos, where the actors are paper-made friendly figures, explain in an easy-to-grasp way all the powerful technologies that make SiteGround service unmatched.

Apart from the purely visual improvements, SiteGround has made changes in their hosting plan structure. In their shared hosting offer the company moves from one-plan-fits-all to three plans that better target different needs: from start-up websites to advanced geeky users. The cloud hosting and the dedicated server offers are now equipped with unique software solutions developed by SiteGround during the last year. These include a powerful site speed booster – The SuperCacher, a staging tool, WordPress and Joomla auto-updaters, and a Cloudflare CDN implementation.

The new SiteGround website can be seen at

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