SiteGround Launches An Enhanced Offer For The European Market

SiteGround web hosting company has recently enhanced its service in order to target better its European users. Last week the company introduced prices in EURO and British Pounds, additional free European domain names and more convenient access to phone support from the territory of the old continent. This is not the first step that SiteGround takes to get closer to markets outside the USA. Last year the company launched its first server location in Europe and a few months later one more in Asia. The special attention to its international customers is now extended with new enhancements targeting the European citizens.

As part of the initiative to add a more local feel to its brand, SiteGround now shows its prices in British Pounds to the UK customers and in Euro to the rest of the European visitors. This makes the price comparison between SiteGround and other local providers easier and also saves additional conversion fees that can affect payments in a foreign currency.

Another enhancement in the European customer experience is the introduction of more affordable phone support lines. Until recently the company provided only a US toll-free number for customer service, which was generating overseas charges for people living outside the United States. Now all customers from The UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria and Greece will be able to contact the SiteGround support team 24/7 by dialing a phone number that is either free or at the price of a normal local call, depending on the specific country. The rest of Europe will be able to call a regular UK phone line, driving the overseas costs down.

On top of the new currencies and local phone numbers, to users from the respective country, SiteGround also offers for free registration with every hosting account the following country specific extensions:, .nl, .fr, .de, .it, .at, .be, and .es. In addition, all European citizens will be able to register the .eu domain extension free of charge.

“More than 40% of SiteGround customers are located outside the USA. Our aim is to provide them with convenience of service matching the one that our US customers receive. We started with Europe, which is our second biggest market, and we plan to target more regions worldwide in the future.” said Reneta Tsankova, COO of SiteGround.

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Hristo Pandjarov

Product Innovation Director

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

Comments ( 2 )

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B. Owens

Oct 26, 2013

This whole "prices in UK pounds" thing is a scam to put prices up. I just got my renewal notice and last year my renewal was UK£66 ($107) when I was billed in dollars. This year it is now UK£87 ($140). Call me a skeptic but I think people in the UK would be more informed of this price hike if they compared dollars with dollars from last year and seen it was a price hike of $37. Changing the billing is just an effort to hike the price so the customer doesn't know. And before you say prices go up.I've been with siteground 5 years and the last price increase (in year 2) was only by $12 - NOT a massive $37. I have two friends with siteground also. They are there because I brought them with recommendations. However this latest stunt is exactly the sort of thing that will be guiding me to find a new hosting company for them and for myself. I feel it's underhand and worse than that couched in the guise of 'helping our European customers'. Not impressed!

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Marina Siteground Team

Oct 28, 2013

Hello B. Owens, The renewal price for the one year period for our StartUp plan is currently as follows: $9.95 x 12 = $119.40 £6.95 x 12 = £83.40 There were two main factors that could have brought your renewal price up: 1. We no longer offer the 10% discount for one year renewal, which was probably applied to some of your previous renewal. However, we still do offer discounts for 2 and 3 year renewal in all currencies, so you can take advantage of them if you choose to. 2. The dollar exchange rate back in June that was applied when converting the prices was different than today's exchange rate. With the fluctuation at the moment the renewal price in pounds is indeed higher than the dollar price. However, with the future fluctuations there might be periods when the pound price can be lower than the dollar price. This said, since you signed up to our services initially in USD, if you prefer to go back to USD, you can request it from your Customer Area (we allow this currency change to take place only once, and further change to GBP will not be possible). If you do this now your renewal price would be $119.40 and you would have to cover the bank exchange fees from USD to GBP yourself if such are applicable for you. Best Regards!


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