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How to Analyze Your Campaign Performance?

How to Analyze Your Campaign Performance?

Monitoring your campaigns’ performance is essential for measuring their success and efficiency. Campaign statistics help you identify potential problems and patterns in your subscribers’ behavior.

You can use this information to improve your future campaigns and ensure their success.

SiteGround Email Marketing provides fully-comprehensive analytics measuring the most essential metrics for email marketing. Learning to use this tool will lead to a steady performance of your marketing campaigns.

How to View the Analytics in SiteGround Email Marketing

SiteGround Email Marketing has a dedicated Analytics section where you can monitor various metrics for your campaigns’ performance. To open the tool, go to Email Marketing > Analytics. The Analytics page lists all sent campaigns with a brief summary of the main performance metrics. From the summary table, you can compare the main metrics of your campaigns over time.

A Recipient Groups filter is also available. When you select one of your existing groups, you will only view results for campaigns sent to users with that particular group. This is useful for comparing the performance of a specific segment.

Analytics page in SiteGround Email Marketing

How to Analyze the Performance of a Single Campaign

The Analytics tool can also provide in-depth information for each sent campaign. Click on a campaign name under the Campaign column to view its detailed analytics page.

How to view a single campaign's performance in Email Marketing

On this page, you can find more detailed information about all metrics of the particular campaign. To learn more about each metric, read this guide about the different metrics on the Analytics page and what they mean.

Analytics metrics for a single campaign

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