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Why is my site showing warnings/fatal errors?

Why is my site showing warnings/fatal errors?

Fatal errors and warnings can appear for many reasons. It may be a broken or misconfigured plugin or a theme or another misconfiguration that is causing your site to return an error message when you open a specific page.

  • step 1 Disable your website’s plugins

    Often errors and warnings are produced by outdated, incompatible or misconfigured plugins you have currently enabled on your application. So you can start by deactivating all plugins and see if that removes the errors/warnings that appear on your website. WordPress users can disable all their website’s plugins directly from Site Tools.

  • step 2 Restore your website from a backup created when it was working properly

    If the errors or warnings appeared recently then you can use one of the automated backups we created for your website to restore it from a date when everything was working properly. The Backup Restore solution is included and offered for free in all of SiteGround hosting plans. To access it, go to your Site Tools > Security > Backups.

  • step 3 Research the cause of the problem online

    Since errors are usually related to specific cases with your website’s software, a good approach is to Google-search the error and look for possible solutions. In most cases the error you’re seeing has already been fixed by someone and a guide to fixing it is available online. If you’re not comfortable with fixing this yourself, it’s best to contact your developer.

  • step 4 Disable warnings

    If your website is performing as expected but still shows a warning, you can disable the warning without affecting the website. You can disable the warning by setting the value of the display_errors PHP variable to off from Site Tools > Devs > PHP Manager.

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