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  • Optimizing WordPress performance & security
  • Built and maintained in-house by WordPress experts
  • Free & available for all WordPress users
WordPress Plugins by SiteGround

SiteGround WordPress Plugins

Superior WordPress Plugins crafted for seamless migration, blazing fast site performance and unmatched security

Available to all WP sites
Speed Optimizer Plugin

It’s your one-stop WordPress optimization solution that comes with all the best practices to speed up your website. From unique caching to powerful front-end and media optimizations, Speed Optimizer does it all.

  • Unique caching technologies
  • Powerful frontend optimizations
  • Smart media optimizations
  • Environment Optimizations

Available to all WP sites
Security Optimizer Plugin

Protect your website from malicious attacks and exploits, prevent unauthorized logins, and manage damages with a quick post-hack kit all from one place. The plugin will help you reach maximum WordPress security from common attacks with a few clicks.

  • Advanced Protection Against Hacks
  • Enhanced login security
  • Detailed activity log
  • Post-hack actions

Migrate to SiteGround
SiteGround Migrator Plugin

Make the site migration process smooth and risk-free with the SiteGround Migrator! Our expert team crafted an easy solution to migrating your sites to SiteGround without downtime or security risks.

  • Safe and fast migration to SiteGround hosting
  • Unlimited number of migrations
SiteGround Migrator Plugin


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Plugins Support

Our plugins are developed and supported by WordPress experts through wordpress.org plugins support forum.

Knowledge Base

Find complete guides on how to install and use our powerful WordPress plugins and give your site the needed speed and security boost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are WordPress plugins?

The plugins developed for WordPress serve to enhance the features and functions of a WordPress website, allowing you to build your awesome and functional site. With just a few clicks you can install plugins that will suit your needs without writing a single line of code. For example, our set of WordPress plugins help you enhance your website performance, security and give you an easy website start.

How to use WordPress plugins?

WordPress plugins have different levels of complexity. Some plugins work immediately upon activation, while others require additional user input. For example, our speed and security plugins let the user decide which optimization or security functionality they need with a simple toggle.

Are there free WordPress plugins?

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available, some of which are free. However, you should always research if the plugin developer is reliable, if updates are applied on a regular basis and if they support the latest WordPress version. All SiteGround plugins are free and developed by our WordPress experts.

How do I install plugins on WordPress?

There are several ways to install plugins on WordPress including through your WordPress dashboard, manually, or via FTP. The easiest way is to use your dashboard. Simply navigate to Plugins > Add new, type the name of the desired plugin in the search bar and click Install now. When the installation is complete, just click Activate and you’re good to go.