Bulgaria PHP Conference Organized by SiteGrounders Was Dope!


The SiteGround team goes to many events, but the biggest and most important one for us this year was Bulgaria PHP Conference. Why? Well, it’s an event entirely organized by SiteGrounders and we invested all our passion, love, enthusiasm and tons of hard work into it in the last 8 months. Now that it’s over, we can relax and proudly say it turned out to be a huge success.

SiteGround Involvement

As you might remember from an earlier post of mine announcing the event, SiteGround’s Head of Development – Mihail Irintchev who is also one of the founders of the Bulgaria PHP User Group came up with the idea for the event and we jumped in to support him, both organizationally and financially. Supporting that kind of events make sense to us as traditionally we are quite fond of open source software and we try to give back to various open source communities. So we had some of our best people work on the organization of the conference and we also became the main sponsor of the event.

The Success Metrics

Initially, we aimed to sell 400 tickets, but we ended up with 527 registrations and more than 90% turnout rate! It’s good that we had a venue that could accommodate up to 600 people. You can say that when it comes to numbers, we managed to pull it off. But, it’s not really the numbers that matter so much as the actual experience of all the attendees.

We couldn’t hope for better, honestly. Based on actual feedback, it was a memorable experience for many of the speakers and attendees and for our team as well. The whole atmosphere and interactions were exactly as we imagined – friendly, relaxed, supportive, and extremely enjoyable, representing the essence of a true community.

We were truly honored that some of the greatest minds of the PHP community came to speak at our event and we are grateful to the local PHP community for getting together and making this conference a truly wonderful experience.

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Reneta Tsankova

SiteGround COO

If something's cooking in any of the following areas at SiteGround: website user experience, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, accounting or billing, the chances are that I have been involved. Being the most advanced non-technical person in a highly geeky company is definitely quite an interesting challenge.

Comments ( 4 )

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Saurabh Singh

Oct 07, 2015

Everybody seems so serious. Conference might be interesting. Any video records available?

author avatar

Angelina Micheva

Oct 12, 2015

Hello Saurabh, We have recored all sesssions from the conference and they will be posted on the on the event website as soon as they are ready. Make sure you check bgphp.org for updates on the uploaded videos.

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Nov 19, 2015

Nice post. very inforamative and useful.

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Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Nov 20, 2015

Thanks :)


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