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How to add more contacts/sends in SiteGround Email Marketing?

How to add more contacts/sends in SiteGround Email Marketing?

Are you looking to expand your reach and maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns? SiteGround Email Marketing lets you add more contacts/sends to your service to expand your reach. More contacts mean a larger audience to whom you can promote your products or services.

But how exactly do you add more contacts to your SiteGround Email Marketing service?

In this post, we’ll show you how to increase your contacts or send limits to boost customer retention, so read on.

How to add more contacts or sends in SiteGround Email Marketing?

Our Email Marketing service is designed to streamline the process of expanding your contact list. With it, you have the flexibility to choose the number of contacts you want to add and pay accordingly, ensuring that you have full control over your expenses.

The basic plan of the Email Marketing service includes up to 500 unique recipients per month, and you can send up to 5000 emails for that term. Note that you can add as many contacts as you wish, though you’ll still be able to send up to 5000 emails to up to 500 recipients per month.

For example, you may send out 5000 emails to 100 of your 500 contacts in the Email Marketing Service per term.

If you need to increase these limits and reach a larger audience, you can add more contacts to your service. You can add up to a maximum of 50 000 contacts, and that will respectively increase the maximum number of emails you can send per month to 50 000.

To add more contacts and sends to your service, head to your Client area > Services > Email Marketing and click on Settings.

Screenshot showing the Settings option in Services Email Marketing

The Email Marketing Service Settings button brings you to the Order page, where you can see your current active contacts. Clicking the Increase Limits button allows you to select how many contacts you want to add (per 500 counts).

Screanshot showing the Increase limits button in SiteGround Email Marketing

The Increase Limits button brings you to the page where you can add more active contacts to your plan for a price. Click on the Contacts dropdown to expand it, and select the contact number you want to add.

Screenshot showing how to add more contacts/sends to your Email Marketing Service

You can see the period you are increasing your sending limits for, and on the right side, you will see how much Your Price will be.

Note that the renewal price for your Email Marketing service term will depend on the number of contacts it includes

Scroll down to enter your payment details and click Pay Now to complete the purchase.

In case you are renewing your email Marketing service earlier than it expires and adding more contacts – they will become Active once the new term starts.

Why is growing your contact list important?

Your contact list is the lifeblood of your email marketing campaigns. It’s not just about the quantity of contacts but also the quality. By continuously adding new contacts, you increase your chances of reaching a larger, more engaged audience. Moreover, a well-nurtured and targeted contact list can lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

In the following section, we’ll provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you grow your contact list and boost the success of your email marketing efforts.

10 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Email Contacts List

Growing your email contact list can be a strategic process. Here are some effective strategies to gather more email contacts:

  1. Content Upgrades: Offer additional, high-value content related to your blog posts or articles (like e-books, checklists, or guides) in exchange for a visitor’s email address.
  2. Webinars or Online Events: Hosting webinars or online events can be a great way to collect email addresses. Ask attendees to register using their email address.
  3. Email Subscription Forms: Make sure you have an easy-to-use email subscription form on your website. This could be on the homepage, blog page, or any other high-traffic page.
  4. Lead Magnets: Offer something valuable (like a free trial, discount, or free consultation) in exchange for an email address.
  5. Social Media Campaigns: Promote your lead magnets or content upgrades on social media. You can also run contests or giveaways that require an email address to enter.
  6. Partnerships or Collaborations: Partner with other businesses or influencers in your industry. They can promote your content or lead magnets to their email list and vice versa.
  7. Offline Events: If you host or attend offline events like trade shows or meetups, you can collect email addresses in person.
  8. Use Pop-Ups or Exit-Intent Pop-Ups: These can be an effective way to capture email addresses, especially when they offer something of value in exchange.
  9. Landing Pages: Create dedicated landing pages for your offers. These pages should be optimized to encourage visitors to provide their email addresses.
  10. Customer Referral Program: Encourage your existing customers to refer their friends by offering incentives. This can help you gather more email contacts.

It’s crucial to ensure that the contacts you gather have given their consent to receive emails from you. This respects your potential customers’ preferences and complies with GDPR and CAN-SPAM Act regulations.

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