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Affiliate Commissions Report

Affiliate Commissions Report

Commissions Report Overview

To check the Commissions Report, go to your Client Area > Affiliate > Reporting.

Our affiliate system has live tracking, so the minute a sale that qualifies for an affiliate sale, is registered, it should appear in your Commissions Report with status Pending. If your sale is not tracked, you can easily check its status using the Missing Sales tool in Help Center > Contact Us > Affiliate > Missing Sale. Add there the name, email, and domain of the client you referred. If a sale is eligible for commission, it will be automatically credited to you.

Sales Status Explained

If you want to see the different stages which your sales go through before being issued, go to your Commissions report. You will find a Status drop-down menu which you can use to filter your list of commissions. Here’s what each status means:

  • Pending In Pending status are sales that are currently within the standard withhold period of 30-days (for standard sales), and 60-days (for 1-month and cloud hosting sales). Once the withholding period is over, they are reviewed and can either get Extended or Approved.
  • Approved – Sales that are marked Approved meet our requirements. They have been reviewed by our team and will be paid out depending on your payment settings.
  • ExtendedSales which don’t meet our requirements yet, get Extended for 30 more days in order to get reviewed again, and eventually approved. Instead of simply canceling sales that don’t meet our requirements, we extend them up to 3 times, as we understand that building a website might take longer for some people.
  • Paid – Commissions for sales marked as Paid have been already processed to you.
  • Canceled In status Cancelled are sales which have been canceled by the client within the 30-day money back guarantee period or by our Affiliate Team as it didn’t meet the criteria for approval.  

Download Report

To download the report, go to your Client Area > Affiliate > Reporting > Commisions Report and click on Export. It gives you the option to download it in .csv/.xls/ pdf file or to send it to your email.

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