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How to Use the AI Email Writer in SiteGround Email Marketing

How to Use the AI Email Writer in SiteGround Email Marketing

Imagine crafting an email marketing campaign in less than a minute. Well, there’s no need to imagine it since it’s already possible! With the AI Email Writer tool in SiteGround’s Email Marketing service, you can devise efficient email marketing strategies to boost your conversion rate and subscriber engagement.

Read on to learn more about what is the AI Email Writer, what are the benefits of using it, and what steps you can take to leverage it in your campaigns.

An AI Email Writer is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content. For example, it can create personalized emails in a fraction of the time it would take a human. Through its advanced algorithms, this tool can generate text that closely mimics human writing, making it an invaluable asset in email marketing strategies.

The AI Email Writer can create a variety of email templates specifically tailored to your audience, enhancing your subscriber management. It provides marketing automation, producing consistent and scalable content for your email campaigns.

The integration of the ChatGPT-based AI in SiteGround Email Marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their audience. With it, you can generate text multiple times for your campaigns until you get the desired message and decide to use it.

Benefits of using the AI Email Writer in SiteGround Email Marketing

With the AI Email Writer integrated into SiteGround Email Marketing, you can save time, achieve better personalization and consistency to enhance your brand recognition and success. Keep reading to learn more about all the benefits the AI Email Writer leverages in your marketing efforts.

Enhance your Campaign Personalization

In digital communication, personalization stands as a beacon of customer engagement. The ability to enhance your campaign personalization through tools like an AI Email Writer is a game-changer in email marketing strategy.

This sophisticated tool enables you to adapt your communications to align with your subscribers’ unique interests and behaviors. Using the AI Email Writer in SiteGround Email Marketing, you can transform your email campaigns into a personal, meaningful, and memorable journey for each of your subscribers.

Efficiency and time-saving

Efficiency and time-saving measures are more than just conveniences – they’re necessities. The AI Email Writer is designed to supercharge your email marketing strategies, offering unparalleled efficiency and time-saving benefits. With it, you can create a multitude of personalized email templates in mere moments.

It’s like having your very own digital marketing assistant working around the clock, helping you focus on what matters most – building meaningful connections with your audience. So, dive into the world of AI and experience a new level of efficiency in your email marketing efforts.

Improved engagement and conversion rates

The AI Email Writer has transformative potential for your email marketing strategies. Thanks to this tool, you can enhance customer engagement and skyrocket conversion rates. By crafting personalized email templates that truly resonate with your subscribers, you spark their interest and invite meaningful interaction.

With increased engagement naturally comes improved conversion rates. When your audience feels truly understood and valued, they’re more likely to take the desired action. This can be making a purchase, signing up for a service, or sharing your content with their network.

Scale Email Marketing Efforts

In email marketing, effective scaling means maintaining the relevance and quality of your communication even as your audience grows. Therefore, using an AI Email Writer in your email marketing strategies can be a game-changer.

With it, you can effortlessly scale your email marketing initiatives. This powerful tool amplifies your reach, enabling you to connect with a larger audience without compromising on quality or personalization. The AI can generate multiple versions of emails, catering to different segments of your audience at a much faster pace than a human could.

Ensure Consistency

The AI Email Writer ensures consistency across all your email marketing campaigns. It maintains a uniform tone of voice, style, and messaging, which is crucial in maintaining your brand identity. This powerful tool creates engaging content and maintains a uniform tone, style, and messaging across all your email campaigns.

The AI Email Writer maintains your brand voice in personalized email templates and ensures regular communication with your subscribers. By ensuring consistency, you’re building a strong brand identity that resonates with your audience and fosters customer loyalty.

Steps to Use the AI Email Writer in SiteGround Email Marketing

Are you ready to embrace the future and streamline your email marketing campaigns? Here, we’ll show you how in a few easy-to-follow steps, so read on.

The AI Email Writer tool is available in the email builder of the SiteGround Email Marketing service. To access it, simply start a new campaign or edit an existing one to tackle content you’ve already created.

Screenshot showing how to create a new campaign or edit an existing one

When inside the email builder, click on the content section to get the text editor bar activated. The robot-face button is the AI Text Assistant, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot showing the Ai Text Assistant button in the EMail builder

Hit the button, and the AI Text Assistant window will open up, ready for you to input your detailed prompt.

Type in your specific requirements in the “What text do you need” field. Then select a Tone of voice option from the respective dropdown menu. The tone options you can choose from are Promotional, Professional, Neutral, or Social media tone.

Screenshot showing how to generate a prompt to the Ai Text Generator and set a tone of voice

When ready, click on the Generate button in the bottom right corner and allow the AI Assistant to generate an output for your request.

Once the AI Assistant is ready, it will suggest email campaign text relevant to your description.

Screenshot showing the generated text by the AI Text Generator in SiteGround Email Marketing

Read through the AI text Assistant’s suggested text. You can add additional instructions in the field above if you want to polish your initial request to invoke a better suggestion. Then, hit the Regenerate button for a new suggestion based on your changes in the prompt. The AI Assistant will generate a new output accordingly.

If you are pleased with the result, you can click the Use Text button to implement the AI Assistant’s suggestion in your email.

Screenshot showing the inserted text generated by the Ai Text Generator in your email in SiteGround Email Marketing

With our cutting-edge AI Email Writer, you can produce up to 100 unique text generations each month. So, leverage these 100 monthly text generations and transform your email marketing strategies into a powerhouse of engagement and conversion.

5 Tips for effective use of the AI Email Writer in your Email Campaign

Mastering the power of the AI Email Writer in your email campaign can revolutionize your marketing strategies, but it’s essential to know how to use it effectively. From crafting precise prompts to maintaining your unique brand voice, these five tips will guide you in making the most of your AI Email Writer for your email campaigns.

  1. Be Specific:When creating prompts for your AI Text Assistant, clarity is key. The more specific and detailed your prompt, the more accurately the AI can generate the desired output. Include all necessary information and context to guide the AI’s response.
  2. Incorporate Your Brand Voice: Ensure your brand voice is reflected in the prompts you create for the AI Text Assistant. This will help maintain consistency across all your email marketing campaigns.
  3. Guide the Tone:The AI can adapt its tone based on your instructions. If you want a formal, casual, or humorous tone, mention this in your prompt to ensure the AI’s output matches your brand’s voice.
  4. Ask for Iterations:If you want to explore different versions of a topic, ask the AI Assistant to provide several variations in your prompt. This can give you a wider range of content to choose from.
  5. Experiment and refine:Experiment with your prompts and see how the AI responds. If the output isn’t what you expected, refine your prompt and try again. The more you interact with the AI, the better you’ll become at crafting effective prompts.

Creating prompts is an art; it’s about guiding the AI Text Assistant to produce the best possible content for your needs. The more thought you put into your prompts, the better the results will be.

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