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Add a Contact Us Page

Add a Contact Us Page

Contact Module and Default Form

This tutorial explains how to add a Contact Us page to your site. That’s a great way to get feedback from your visitors and it’s really easy to add one to your site with Drupal.

First, go to the Extend page and enable the Contact module. It comes pre-installed and enabled by default with Drupal 8 so all you need to do is double-check if it is indeed enabled.

Next, go to the Structure > Contact forms page.

A default contact form has been created for your convenience. You can use it as a template and edit it according to your needs.

Now, we need to add this form to the menu. To do this, go to Structure > Menus > Main navigation and click on the arrow right next to the Edit Menu button. You will see an Add link button appearing that you should click on.

Grant Permissions for Your Contact Us Page

To allow your regular visitors to use that form, go back to the Extend page, but this time click on the Permissions link next to the Contact module.

Here, you should find the Contact section and place a checkbox in the ANONYMOUS USER column for Use the site-wide contact form and press the Save permissions button at the end of the page.

That’s it! You can now go to your site and check out your brand new Contact Us page.

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