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SiteGround Email Marketing integration with WPForms

SiteGround Email Marketing integration with WPForms

SiteGround Email Marketing can now be integrated with WPForms, one of the most user-friendly form builders on the market. This integration is designed to streamline your lead capture process, enhance subscriber engagement, and simplify your overall email marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to grow your subscriber list and automate your email workflows, this integration of tools offers a reliable solution. Let’s see how you can apply it and transform the way you connect with your audience.

How to activate the integration?

Before you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful collaboration, a few prerequisites need to be in place:

When all conditions above are satisfied, head over to the Email Marketing > Settings section on your WordPress site. If everything is configured correctly, the Email Marketing integration with WPForms will be marked as Active.

Active Integration Status of SG Email Marketing with WPForms Displayed in WordPress Dashboard

How to link WPForms to SiteGround Email Marketing plugin

Connecting WPForms to your SiteGround Email Marketing service is a simple process. Follow these steps to create a direct pathway for your leads.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to WPForms > Add new or Edit an existing form
    WPForms Dashboard Highlighting the 'Add New' Button to Initiate Form Creation
  3. Select the SG Email Marketing standard field under the respective section
    Inclusion of the SG Email Marketing Standard Field in the WPForms Editor
  4. Click on the block with administrative information that appears to show the form configuration options.
    Message Indicating Successful Connection Between SG Email Marketing and WPForms Plugins
  1. Select the Groups in which you want to classify your subscribers once they fill out the form.
    Selection Process for Groups Within SG Email Marketing Field Options on WPForms

NOTE: The Groups choices displayed in the list match the Groups within your Email Marketing Contacts list.

  1. Next, slide On the Display Consent Checkbox toggle to add it to your form. This way, your subscribers confirm their explicit consent to be added to your Email Marketing service.
    Toggle Feature for Enabling the Display of Consent Checkbox in WPForms

NOTE: Always include a Consent Checkbox in your forms, if their primary purpose is not subscription. This ensures that your data collection practices are transparent and compliant with privacy regulations. By obtaining explicit permission from your users, you build trust and credibility for your brand.

  1. You can also change the Consent Checkbox Text to your preference from the respective field.
    Editing Area for Customizing Consent Checkbox Text in WPForms
  2. Hit Save to apply the changes in WPForms.
    Save Button in WPForms to Confirm and Preserve All Adjustments Made to the Form

When ready, your form will start automatically adding new subscribers to your SiteGround Email Marketing Contact list. That’ll help increase your email list and guarantee that each new sign-up is a fresh lead.

Which WPForms fields are used by SiteGround Email Marketing

SiteGround Email Marketing is designed to collect data from predefined fields in WPForms. Such fields are First Name and Last Name.

WPForms Template Showcasing Default First Name and Last Name Fields Utilized by SG Email Marketing

Another predefined field within WPForms that our plugin uses for information collection is the Email field.

WPForms Email Field Predefined for Data Collection by SG Email Marketing

Make sure these fields are present if you are creating a Blank form. This will allow SiteGround Email Marketing to store your subscribers’ data correctly.

Empty WPForms Canvas Ready for Custom Field Addition and Configuration

The SiteGround Email Marketing integration with WPForms is a strategic enhancement to your digital marketing efforts. It simplifies your lead-generation process and allows managing everything from one place. Following these easy steps, you will enhance your email marketing performance.

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